Considering The Age Gap In Your Audience Market When Starting A Content Marketing Campaign

Considering The Age Gap In Your Audience Market When Starting A Content Marketing Campaign

Online marketing is the key to success these days. Everyone is connected to the internet in one way or another; it can be through tablets, smartphones, laptops, or desktops. People from all age groups participate in online activities. There are many marketing strategies that can be used to target the audience. However, people mostly generate generic promotional content aiming to target large audiences without sweating their brows. Sadly, producing generic content doesn’t always work.

Firstly, you need to understand that online marketing is not just about posting advertisements and promoting web content on social media. Online marketing uses an array of services to target and engage the audience. After all, the purpose of marketing is to generate revenues for the business.

Unless, you are willing to entertain the crowd without aiming to reap your harvest, here is what you need to understand.

When you market your business by engaging the audience and creating a want, it requires more than conventional marketing tactics. The internet offers a lot of room for exploration and that is precisely what you need to do. Explore different concepts and design creative content to interact and engage your target audience. There are different age groups you need to interact with and that, my friend cannot be done by focusing on just one marketing area. You need to step out of the box, create diversified and engaging content, and use different marketing tactics for different age groups. I mean think about it, what is the point of selling a Mercedes Benz to a teenager?

The population these days can be segmented into four broad categories; Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y (Millennial), and Generation Z (iGeneration). Marketing your products or services using web content cannot follow the same tactic and strategy for all age groups. It is important to understand the generation gap and use strategies that would be adequate in accordance to their age. Find out how the expectations differ as the generation gap increases:

Baby Boomers: These are people mostly between 50-70 years of age. They expect clarity and detailed descriptions. They prefer richness of content rather than price discounts. Most people in this age group are keen on quality and are not fixated on brand image. When you promote content to baby boomers, make your content rich and detailed. Offer authentic sources to attract them.

Generation X: These people are between the ages 35-50. Generation X expects authentic information with moderate length. They are mostly users of tablets, laptops, and a bit of smartphone.

Generation Y (Millennial): Generation Y falls between the ages 18 – 34. The millennial generations is tech-savvy and brand conscious. They are interested in short, descriptive content with reliable information. Moreover, they rely heavily on product reviews before making a purchase and are intense users of mobile technology.

Generation Z (iGeneration): Generation Z is the younger generation below the age of 18. The younger generation mostly relies on mobile technology for day to day activities. They prefer content that is short and interesting. It is important to use heavy graphical content in order to keep them interested.