Dos and Don’ts of Facebook Marketing; Why Your Facebook Ads Play A Major Role in the Growth of Your Business

Dos and Don’ts of Facebook Marketing; Why Your Facebook Ads Play A Major Role in the Growth of Your Business

Facebook has gained considerable recognition in creating brand value for marketers. It plays an important role in promoting business as well as for engaging the customers. Almost all major brands these days have an active Facebook page to increase social media engagement with their customers and to obtain important feedback. Facebook pages and advertisements serve as a strong marketing platform for businesses. Using effective marketing and ad placement techniques are vital for increasing sales and ROI.

Facebook advertisements are mostly linked to a landing page, either to your Facebook page or to your website. Investing in Facebook ads can considerably increase traffic to your webpages, which is why, it is important to make effective use of ad spaces. After all, you spend money on advertisements and it would be pointless if it fails to increase your ROI. Here are a few do’s and don’ts of Facebook advertisements:

Highlight Key Offers

When you engage in paid marketing services, always optimize your content for better visibility and results. Make effective use of your investment and always aim to increase your return on investment (ROI). Facebook adverts are an effective way to generate sales, however, you need to attract and engage your audience in order to increase sales. Make your advertisements concise and promote the most sought benefits. Your advertisements will be limited to a few words, therefore, make the most out of it by only promoting content that matters. For example, if you have a special Easter sale on your website, make yourself heard. Let your audience understand what you are offering them by promoting specific content e.g. “Avail your favorite shoes for 35% less this Easter”.

Do not wait until last Minute

If you are planning to place a Facebook advert, do not wait for the last minute to release it. Remember that you have competition on Facebook. In addition, converting potential clients into customers does not happen overnight unless you have something extraordinary to offer. Give your potential customers enough time to grasp the benefits, compare with other competitors, and read reviews. The online buying psychology mostly revolves around making informed decisions, which means that your customers would want to review your product, compare it with alternatives in the market, and then make a purchase. If you launch a last minute promo, which states that the promotion lasts only a few hours, chances are that you will fail to convert your audience efficiently. Launch your adverts well in advance to influence your clients.

Choose the right type of Advert for your audience

Facebook offers mostly three forms of advertisement options: Colossal ads, Video ads, and Call to Action adverts. Each advert type offers differing options and can be tweaked to suit the masses accordingly. Place a colossal ad if you have a range of products and want your customers to browse your entire collection to maximize sales. These type of adverts are particularly effective in targeting customers who are already aware of your product. Use video ads to create awareness about your brand, products, and services to new audiences in order to increase conversion rates. Similarly, use Call to Action adverts to highlight a particular promotion and convert customers immediately.